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How to Buy a Mattress in a Box

The best online mattress brands are aimed at making the shopping process for consumers as simple as possible. For more information you can visit For selecting and purchasing a new mattress, we suggest the following steps:

  • Check Various Brands: Shoppers can learn about different models to find the most appropriate mattress. This will help you understand building, price, and performance discrepancies.
  • Check the Top Selection(S): Please use a few minutes to reassess and make sure they are the suitable options. The online product specifications and pictures, and mattresses in a package can be handy during this step.
  • Customer Support Chat: the majority of online mattress brands provide some form of live webchat with customer service members. Any burning questions about top mattress choices can be answered. Consider emailing or calling the Customer Service department of the company if there is no webchat.
  • Look for Promotions: marks also provide coupons for specific models for online mattresses and discounts. Details on these promotions are usually shown prominently on the Bed Product Page or elsewhere on the brand’s website. These discounts can be hundreds of dollars over the original price requested. Furthermore, a mattress to be purchased during a vacation can save a significant amount. Sales are also held on major holidays, such as Chairman’s days, Memorial Day (Chairman’s Day). The day of work is July 4, Labor Day, and Veterans’ Day.
  • Purchase a Mattress: consumers can pick the mattress they want in their size like they would on other sellers’ websites. You will receive the name, address, phone number, and payment information on a purchase tab. If more than one method is required, you will also need to pick a shipping method. Once all the necessary information is entered, customers can finish shopping. Shortly afterward, you should receive the brand confirmation email.


A bed in a box can be removed as soon as the customer arrives at his home. The method is as follows for unboxing a new bed:

  • Transfer the box to the bedroom that uses the mattress. Although lightweight, the box can be heavy as the compression does not influence the weight of the mattress (most queen-size models weigh at least 75 pounds). To take the box into the bedroom, you want two or more people.
  • Remove the wrapped mattress and open the package. We advise you to place it on the base on which it is used, as the bed can be harder to move until it expands entirely.
  • Break the plastic layers with a pair of scissors carefully. The plastic is a little thin so that the blade does not come into contact. There are several layers of plastic. Unroll the mattress until it’s flat before removing the final sheet, then place it in the proper places on the base with the head and the foot. Also, make sure you don’t upset the mattress.
  • Cut the finishing layer of plastic. The mattress starts expanding immediately but is not ready to be used. Depending on the column, the shape recovery procedure will take six to 48 hours. Don’t panic if, at first, the mattress feels overly weak – it just needs more healing time.
  • Don’t wait long for the mattress to be unboxed. The bed will cause permanent structural damages if left in its box for two weeks or longer. Many mattress brands indicate how many days the mate will last in the original packaging. If this time the bed is not unboxed and damage is recorded, the guarantee will be nullified.